Why Melissa Beonist’s Husband Supported Her Even After Knowing Her Domestic Violence History, Here’s What You Need To Know

Actress Mellisa Benoist is known for playing the role of Supergirl. Recently, she added a video on her Instagram handle. She nervously read loud her experience about domestic violence or Intimate Partner Violence (IPV).


Her Husband’s Support

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Soon after this, her husband, Chris Wood, tweeted and gave his Thanksgiving support to his wife. He tweeted, Happy Thanksgiving!. I’m going to kiss my wife and hold her tenderly. All-day. And every day. How do YOU show love?”

The duo met while filming Supergirl in 2017. They started dating later. Then they married in early September last year. Melissa did not disclose the identity of the person who abused her. Neither she detailed about the behaviour of that person and what her experience was.

Melissa’s Experience with Domestic Violence

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As she states in her video, she is a survivor of domestic violence or IPV (intimate partner violence). She never expected it would be a part of her. Instead, she would like to live alone and get lost in the love of alcohol. Then she elaborated about the person who harassed her, “He was a loving and caring person. He attracts you towards himself like a magnet. You cannot ignore him. He is funny, alluring, manipulative, devious and adorable.”

After this, she explained how she feels about the experience currently. It’s not still easy for her to analyse what she was thinking and feeling that kept her from stopping what felt like a rampant cargo train, she added. It didn’t matter that she had misgivings, whether or not he was the special one at the time. It felt perfect how much he yearned for her. How much he seemed to treasure who she was. He loved her. She believed loving him and was ready to make it act.