Why Justin Chambers Decided To Leave Grey’s Anatomy? Everything You Need To Know

Justin Chambers, who had been playing the role of Dr. Alex Karev in Grey’s Anatomy, has now bid farewell to the series. First introduced as a Medical intern, Karev slowly earned the love of fans and grew to be a Pediatric surgeon throughout the seasons.

It’s explained in the series that he’s taking care of his ailing mother and will not be coming back. His character will not get a farewell too. ABC first confirmed the news Chambers’ last episode to PEOPLE ON Friday.

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For the past 16 seasons, Chambers had been the audience’s favorite character who grew with time and had changed from time to time. He in his interview with PEOPLE that he was about to diversify his roles and take a break from acting and spend some time with his family.

The last episode of Grey’s Anatomy with Chambers was telecasted on November 14, 2019. However, the news only now has reached the media. Chamber has now, after the series has decided first to take a break from the media and spend some time with his family.

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“There is no time to say Goodbye,” says this 50-year-old actor who is almost done with his career and now is ready for a break. There are expectations that he might return in the next series or any other brand new series for his second innings in the industry.

There are also possible chances for Chambers to take up roles entirely different from that of Dr. Karev since he had mentioned the same in his interview. Though fans are waiting to see his new Avatar in something new, Dr. Alex Karev will be missed as long as Grey’s Anatomy is remembered.