Why Gamer’s Still Prefers Console And PC Gaming Over Google Stadia

The PC gaming industry in 2018 was worth an estimated $33.4 billion, representing approximately 25 per cent of all gaming expenditure. Consoles have a marginally higher market share, 28%. Although $63.2 billion for mobile gaming is valued at 47%. But if Jon Peddie Research’s latest report is correct. Within the next three years, up to 20 million PC gamer’s could migrate for consoles. Mostly from the bottom of the market.

With the rule of Moore slowing down and streaming services ramping up. There have been shrinking distances between consoles and PCs. At the same time, there are plenty of new streaming platforms, including Google Stadia ventures. They are giving customers more and more ways to engage with content. Meanwhile, the slowing rate of technology improvements and the gap in efficiency between PCs and consoles have made bleeding customers more straightforward than ever for the PC market.See the source image

Take a long view

One of the fun things about our Lord’s Year 2019 PC-versus-console debate is that PCs and consoles have never been more close to each other. That’s going to be very enticing to those people who “just want to play games” the vast majority of players who don’t care about the few extra FPS on which platform.

Stadia will start with a few dozen games for $10 a month. Accessible to anyone with an affordable Chromecast streaming device in combination with a compatible controller. A Chrome browser-installed PC or a Pixel smartphone from Google. Google has confirmed that Stadia will be able to stream games in 4K at 60 frames per second without the need for expensive game-console hardware. It will also include the ability to broadcast seamlessly.See the source image

Only its colossal YouTube video platform allows sharing gaming on a scale. Stadia will deliver “negative latency” to gamers in time. In other words, how strong Microsoft and Sony make their respective Xbox and PlayStation consoles of the next decade don’t matter. Unless they can build a sufficiently intelligent and powerful cloud-based system. To predict and monitor the behaviour of gamers, as Stadia says, it’s using excellent cloud tools from Google.

Something that the two-game industry juggernauts ‘ latest collaboration aims to tackle. The days are numbered to buy and upgrade costly local game consoles.