When Is Cowboy Bebop Coming To Netflix, Official Release Date, Cast, Plot And Some Rare Facts To Know Before Watching

Cowboy Bebop, a Japanese animated science-fiction television series, is coming to Netflix to create thrill and excitement in all anime and adventure lovers. John Cho, who is best known for his role in the rebooted “Star Trek” film franchise as well as his comedic chops in “Harold and Kumar,” will play Spike Spiegel. During a stunt on the set, Cho suffered an ankle injury, which rendered the production at a halt.

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What is the plot of Cowboy Bebop?

The plot will take us to 2017 when the earth was rendered uninhabitable due to an accident with a hyperspace gateway some fifty years ago. The story revolves around a crew of bounty hunters who are registered by Inter Solar System Police (ISSP). They capture criminals from different spaces and bring them to justice. Spike Spiegel, an exiled hitman of Red Dragon Syndicate and Jet Black, a former ISSP officer, are the main protagonists of the series. Later they are joined by Faye Valentine, a con-artist, Edward Wong, an eccentric hacker, and a genetically-engineered corgi with human-like intelligence.

Some interesting facts about Cowboy Bebop:

Though the series had run for only 26 episodes, it was successful in having an ever-lasting impression on all minds. For those who are not familiar with the series, let’s dive into some of the interesting facts that make it a must-watch:

  1. A bad man: Despite being a bad person and having worked as a hitman for a violent criminal organization, Spike finds love in a mysterious woman, Julia. However, only the discovery of love will not necessarily make him worthy of redemption. After pretending death, he questions the purpose of his existence and considers a second chance at life is worthless.
  2. Julia: Julia, who plays the love interest of Spike, is also a girlfriend of Vicious, an ambitious criminal affiliated with the Red Dragon Syndicate. When Vicious comes to know about Julia and Spike’s affair, he blackmails Julia into killing Spike and prevents her from reaching her destination.
  3. A good cop: Jet Black, a good cop who worked for ISSP, was tricked and planned to be murdered by his partner, Fad. Fad was hired to kill Jet by European Syndicate. When they were on a pursuit for a criminal, Udai Taxim, Jet didn’t know he was the target of his partner. In an attempt to kill him, Fad shot Jet’s arm. After losing the arm, he was given mechanical replacement.
  4. An eccentric orphan: Another interesting character is that of Edward, a child prodigy who is skilled in hacking. Edward is an eccentric genius who gets easily distracted by whatever comes her way. Left abandoned by her father, Edward decided to stay put at an orphanage. There she finds a friend who was interested in computer science. Later, she names her computer after her friend’s name, Tomato.
  5. A con-artist: Faye Valentine was born with a silver spoon in a wealthy family. She was the most popular girl in her school. But she loses everything when she and her family met an accident while traveling on a ship. The accident killed her parents and left her in cryogenic sleep. The sleep caused her memory loss and made her live a vagabond life.

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 The Cast Of Cowboy Beebop:

Besides Cho, the other characters have also found their cast. Shakir will play Jet, an honest cop who is forced to live a vagabond life after an ultimate betrayal that took all that he had. Pineda, who is known for her quirky character in Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom, will play Faye Valentine. Hassel plays Vicious. Hassel is known for his role in “The Bisexual” and “Genius.” Revenge star, Elena Satine, is playing the intriguing Julia. As of now, we could say all the characters except Edward have found their faces.