What’s The Truth Behind Logan Paul And Antonio Browns Boxing Fight Rumors, Are They True Or Just A Publicity Stunt, Details Inside

Logan Paul is a renowned YouTube star and also a fight expert. A few months ago, he challenged KSI, who is also a YouTuber for a boxing match. After a lot of chaos and verbal abuse, the match was finalised. Although Logan Paul lost his match. But he didn’t seem to lose his confidence.

So as of now, he found out his next competitor in the extremely questionable yet skilled wide collector Antonio Brown. About seven days ago, Paul conveyed his will to fight with Brown straight away, and the previous Steelers star reacted to this.

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The new England Patriots legend hasn’t been hiding his intentions to drive Paul into a notable battle, guiding him to “square up” in a Twitter callout. And warned he’d “f**k up” the YouTube star in a meeting on Barstool Sports’ KFC Radio.

Antonio Brown has given an immediate response to Logan Paul. Considering their ability for boxing confrontation, he requests the YouTube artist to get the papers. Recently, the stars openly bolted horns on the internet.

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Later on, Paul revealed that discussions of the battle are quite intense. The sports networks are ready for another vicious ride. While the chances of a memorable battle between these two are not much. Although the betting sites are entirely on the side of Logan Paul, betting for Paul goes from -2000 to +1000.