What’s The Truth Behind Gigi Hadid And Zayn Malik’s Dating Rumors And What’s Latest In Their Relationship Profile, You Should Know?

After rumors on twitter, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are back to resume their romantic tale after breaking up for a bit in mid-2019. 

A Complete Timeline

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The Instagram stories, Twitter tweets, and the various rumors had already started from November 2015, when the two of them dated first. Ever since they had their ups and downs throughout their life. Now we have a timeline for all the girls out there having an endless crush on Zayn Malik. 

November 2015

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Thanks to US Weekly, who reported on breaking up of their previous relationship and spotting the pair together. Hadid and Joe had parted in early November while Malik collapsed his promise with Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards in August. Paparazzi caught them fleeing Beiber’s AMA on the same car. And a few days later,  holding hands promisingly in the restaurants of LA. 

December 2015

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The subsequent month, a grayscale click of the pair closely on social media without a legend. Later the photo has been trashed, confirms them being an item. 

January 2016

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As a matter of reply, Hadid publishes her own grayscale click of her guy holding a kitty.  

Ten days later, she also posts a snap of her wearing a ‘Z’ Gold jewelry, claiming “ZDAY ?”

Soon, Malik has her on his “PILLOWTALK” music video, which is Hadid’s first performance as a solo artist. 

February 2016

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Malik partially confirms his relationship with Hadid after no corrections made by Malik after an interviewer calls her his girlfriend. The subsequent month, a click of them exiting her apartment was trending. 

And also on valentine’s day, Hadid posts a grayscale photo of Malik with his kitty captioning it with a heart. 

April 2016

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The duo is together now for a photoshoot, where they pour gallons of affection. The next month, the girl also put a T-shirt stating “lol you’re not zayn malik”.