What’s New In La Casa De Papel Money Heist Season 4, When Is It Coming To Netflix, [Spoilers], Official Release Date, Cast, Plot And Everything You Need To Know

Netflix has pleased his viewers with series which provide the greatest of the pleasures and although there are a lot, here we are just going to talk about only one of them…..

And this one is, “Money Heist” or for the Spanish amigos and amigas “La Casa De Papel”, It’s a delight to watch because it has all the right ingredients to make the series worth to watch.

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The sophisticated plot, anti-fascism viewpoints, not only savage action but also the unpredictable situations which throw its viewers brainstorming throughout the show, is what makes it truly exceptional.

And so far, The red hood hooligans have done their job pretty well, as Professor and Tokyo were able to reunite with their old team with some new members to get back Rio out of the Europol’s hand by using their Berlin’s old plan to assault Bank of Spain but at the very end, Europol managed to catch Lisbon and by killing her and breaking the will of Professor, there is one thing for sure which is quoted perfectly by Tokyo as “The war has begun”.

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After watching the show, the one message of director, Alex Pina, is clear for the viewers, that there is going to be another season of “Money Heist” but the viewers have to wait which is the most difficult part.

Many of them are reacting, which also includes the “IT” writer Stephen King tweeting “Okay, Netflix, you left me hanging. When is it coming back because I’m not getting any younger here”.

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The cast will remain the same as per the latest announcement, and the official date of releasing will be 3rd April 2020.