What Fan Theories Revealed About Superman, Is He A Bad Or Good Superhero, Here Are The Details

In this era when millions of people admire the ultimate DC superhero The Superman, and want to become like him the question arises, is he the perfect choice of being a role model and whether he is a Bad or a Good Superhero.

Superman Lacks Confidence In Himself

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Most of the times he has been seen questioning his own self worth and the decision made by him. Even after having supernatural powers he feels like an expatriate and gets bullied. He gets suffered from the fear of revealing his true self to the world and always feels like an outcast.

Superman Destroys More Than He Saves

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As it can be seen in the climax of Zack Snyder’s 2013 Superman revival Man of Steels where the fiery battle between Superman and Kryptonian turned Metropolis into flaring mess of metal. So many of lives were lost by Alien attacks.

Physical Power Dominates Emotional Depth

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Most of the times he acts naive and becomes an easy target to get manipulated. Not every time Physical power is needed to conquer the world and a leader should be excelled in all the aspects be it physical, mental or emotional. If we look closely to this Superman series it seems that all powers are gifted to superman and does not need to look for more.

No Flaws

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He seems to be bland, as being a leader one knows and teaches others how to deal with hard situations but Superman has never come along with any kind of situation in which he is incapable of doing something. Its creators has given all the powers to him so that he is able to get out of any situation.


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Superman is often found confused as he is never be able to make up his mind whether he deserves to be termed as Golden Boy of Vigilantes.