What Ava DuVernay Said About Prison Reform At Critics Choice Awards 2020 On Sunday, Read Here?

Awards season is formally in full swing!

Even though the 2020 Golden Globes kicked things off this year, the celebration continues to be robust because the industry honors the simplest of the simplest in TV and film. and that is precisely what tonight is all regarding at the 2020 Critics’ Alternative Awards.

Ava DuVernay’s Speech

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

Hollywood’s latest and greatest received the annual ceremony in Santa Monica, California, sporting their Sunday best. However, other than seeing fierce and fabulous fashion, there was one moment at the star-studded event that scarfs the show: Ava DuVernay’s powerful speech once winning Best Restricted Series for after they see U.S.

“Thank you for standing, that is kind,” she began, because the Netflix forged stood right by her aspect on the stage, as well as Niecy Nash, Asante Black and Jharrel saint. “Thank you to the critics for finally belongings U.S. take a stage. Yeah!”

“We created a four-hour, five-part film that was associate degree act of affection,” she continues. “179 actors, 117 of them having speaking elements, 312 members of the crew, my three co-writers, my comrades at Array, my fellow producers at participant Tribeca and Marx and our nice champions at Netflix, UN agency let a Black woman do her factor. What am I able to say.”

What She Advised The Audience

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Source: PopSugar

“This series began with a tweet from Raymond Santana, and currently he, Antron McCray, Kevin Richardson, Yusef Salaam and also the mighty Korey Wise, signify one thing larger than they ever notional,” the director shared. “They signify justice, they shine bright just like the gems they continually we tend tore however that we ne’er saw. If you watch their story and felt one thing at this moment, I invite you to contemplate doing one thing.”

She continues, “There’s no right factor to try and do. Do what you are feeling, wherever you, however, do not let your anger and unhappiness be all. Cases like this square measure happening all around the world, during this country, most specifically on our watch. those that square measure poor and innocent square measure behind bars, whereas the made and guilty walk free and gain power.”

Then after they See U.S. director left audiences with associate degree inspiring message by the late writer, Audre Lorde.