JOHnny VS  Amber  Trial Verdict

Jhonny Depp vs Amber Heard Trial started on April 11, When Mr Depp Sued Mrs Heard for $50 Million For tarnashing his image.

In Return, Mrs Heard CounterSued Mr Depp For $100 Million. She Claimed he is trying to run a campaighn against her to harm her career

The Trial was full of insults and revealed the toxic relationship between the two. The Testimony from both parties ended on May 7 and Verdict is awaited.

The Jury were expected to give verdict on Tuesday, but they failed to give verdict on Tuesday. The 7 People are now expected to give verdict on Wednesday.

It will be intersting to know who sides will the Jury take in this High Profile Trial If Amber heard loses she will have to pay $50 Million, and if Johnny loses he will have to pay $100 Million or as per judges suggestions.