We Have Created A List Of Best Movies To Watch On Netflix For You

Oh boy! There are a lot of films and movies that run into your mind when you plan on watching one. No worries! We got you! We have made a list of the best movies that you can watch on Netflix. You no longer need to struggle!

  1. The King: This movie is an adaptation from one of William Shakespeare’s Henry IV, and Henry V Borrows Bard’s characters and plot. Though it changes up a little bit here and there as dialogue and other vital details, you can’t miss the splendid adventure!
  2.  You Were Never Really Here: We know the legendary joker as Arthur Fleck before that Joaquin Phoenix was similarly in the same environment and atmosphere, that is, the brutal and unconventional. In this, thriller Joaquin plays as Joe, who is tasked with rescuing a teenager.
  3. Prisoners: Hugh Jackman may be known as the nice guy. Well, not in this movie, though. This unusually haunting thriller is sure to make chills run down your spine.
  4. Ex-Machina: A computer programmer, goes through a looking glass as he wins a competition. Sounds simple? Gleeson has to make a test on an AI, to determine it’s consciousness. Things don’t go well.
  5. El Camino: A breaking Bad Movie: In this, we find out what happened to Jesse Pinkman after his escape from captivity. This movie is a spin-off from the beloved TV series. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled open during this one.
  6. Call Me By Your Name: This film is sure to drive you crazy. A 24-year-old intern dares the clever, talented and virgin teenager of his multilingual family to dive into uncharted waters of dalliance.
  7. Mother! : In this movie, Jennifer Lawrence plays as a domestic goddess, who moves around her home who brings life into the house. Thus, when strangers show up, she is not happy with them.
  8. Blade Runner: This movie is going to bring tears into your eyes. Thirty-five years after Ridley Scott’s overanalysed sci-fi classic, this movie proved to be a masterpiece. An unforgettable vision of a deracinated future.
  9. Spotlight: This extraordinary story revolves around a group of journalists who investigate in the news of children being molested within the Catholic church. This drama sticks mindfully to the facts.