How to Check Remaining Time in Piso Wifi in 2 Mins

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  • Step1: Open your browser
  • Step2: Go to Address Box
  • Step3: Type and press Enter
  • Step 4: Now you have opened the admin settings and the remaining time on your Piso Wifi will be displayed Below.

How to Pause & Check Remaining Time in Piso Wifi

Note: You have to enable the Pause time option first to get the pause time feature. Follow the steps

1. Go to your browser and type into the address bar,

 | Note: Don’t type in the address bar, as it is wrong and nothing exists as such.

2. Enter your login credentials. login

3. After successfully logging in, the dashboard will appear on the screen.

4. Option for general settings would appear after clicking on the top left corner.

5. Click on pause time/ auto-pause time to pause on boot.

10.0 0.1 piso wifi portal pause

Here you get the option of enabling and disabling

6. Enable this option.

7. Close Browser. and go to again.

8. This time you will notice there is a pause time option

10.0 0.1 piso wifi portal pause

What is WiFi PISO?

WIFI PISO is a fantastic WIFI service that is available to customers in the Philippines. When you delve further, you’ll learn that this WIFI service works in the same way that a WIFI vending machine does. It is basically a coupon-type system that allows anyone who wants to use the internet for anything they want.

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