Tyler Cameron And Stassie Karanikolaou Spotted Very Close To Each Other In Private New Year’s Eve Party, Are They In A Relationship, Details Inside

The famous American model, Tyler Cameron who grabbed the world’s attention as a contestant in fifteen seasons in the Bachelorette and Kylie Jenner’s blonde best friend, Stassie Karanikolaou, celebrated New Year’s Eve together in Miami this week. They also spent a lot of time in the yacht in  Fontainebleu Miami Beach, along with their friends encompassing the famous singer Fletcher. Does it mean that they are officially in a relationship? Not quite.

What Do Sources Say

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By the source of E!news,  “ Tyler has been home in Florida quietly, and he decided to spend NYE in Miami with his best friend  Matt James, and Tyler had been in touch and knew that Stassie was going to also be in Miami and they made plans to meet up.”

According to the insider in the LIV night club, Tyler and Stassie both met up in the night club at the same table around 1 am.

What Happened At The Club

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“They had several bottles at their table, including tequila and champagne, and Tyler and Stassie were sitting down together chatting with each other in the booth at one point with drinks in their hands.” Stassie started dancing on the booth with drinks in her hand and then made her way to the DJ booth for a while,” the insider tells E! News. “Tyler and Matt left together around 4 a.m., and Stassie left with her crew shortly after separately.”

“Tyler was flirtatious towards Stassie and had her arm around her,” the insider continues. ” They started dancing together and were having their typical fun as they have at clubs in the past. They both love to have a good time and have a lot of fun together.”

The source adds that, although they were with other friends, Tyler and Stassie were “inseparable with each other” once they arrived at the same table, and the source shared that they are still in touch with each other, but “have no plans to date.”

The insider adds, “It is all just fun to them, and they enjoy hanging out when it is convenient.” Tyler and Matt left together around 4 am, and Stassie went the place with her usual crowd.