TP-Link Router Login-WiFi 7, 6E, 6, 5

TP-Link is a reputable manufacturers of networking equipment. TP-Link is known for offering affordable routers that provide good performance and features for their price.

They also tend to be easy to set up and use, which makes them a popular choice for home users. That being said if you are TP-link router user and want to do router login than proceed with guide below written by me. I have shown 2 methods to login. You can choose any one.

How to TP-LINK router login

Belkin Router Login Method 1- Using Chrome extension

We at have developed a free chrome extension for our users to login tp link routers. Follow the steps carefully to login successfully.

1: Go to chrome extension web store
2: Search for tp link Router Login
3: Install Extension
4: Open extension from the toobar, (it is usaully present in the right side)
5: Click Login Now.
6:Voila!! You have successfully Logged In.

Method 1 – Pros and Cons


  • One-Time Solution
  • No need to remember IP
  • Faster Logins everytime


  • More time consuming

tp link Router Login Method 2- Direct Login Button

For direct login, just click on the login button below.

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