Tom Hardy’s Venom Reportedly Show Up In Dark Version of Avengers Movie

The latest Disney agreement that made spider man a return to MCU changed the previous rules. Now, Tom Holland will be shown in the role of the wall-crawler in marvel movies too, and peter parker is now about the show up in venom two and Morbius. Now the question is, can we expect vice versa? Can we expect tom hardy’s venom appear in the MCU instead? 

So what is the big news waiting for the fans?

Yes, he can. You heard it right. Tom Hardy has a major fan following worldwide. The temporary split between MCU and Sony made all the fans a little disappointed due to the long history of both the studio and their fans. 

Kevin Feige can now act in Sony’s character in marvel studios. In the upcoming project, the news is that Eddie Brock might appear in a dark avenger’s movie. Though Norman Osborn is about to be the lead player for MCU the temporary split between MCU and Sony left things very unclear. 

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The sources are that MCU will modify the dark reign arc from the comics also. In which villain will be seen taking over the S.H.O.E.L.D and making his own team of dark avengers with similar villains taking the place of the heroes. 

Venom is also a part of the comic team but with Mac Gargan. It looks like Brock will be in the place for the MCU version. Just an idea that is being considered, and it is not set in stone. Both ghostbuster three and a new scream are returning this week. 

The actor tom hardy is all set to return to your nearest movie theatre as Eddie brock and another half in next October for the movie venom 2. After this, fans can expect more details about this appearance in MCU.