The Good Place: Cast Explains Why We Didn’t Get A Fairytale Ending This Week!

Episode 12 of The Good place aired on the 23rd of January 2020 on NBC. Titled as Patty, it’s the second last episode of the fourth and final season.


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In the episode, the gang arrived in The Good Place and enjoyed a welcome party catered to their own tastes. Chidi, played by William Jackson Harper, meets Ancient Greek astrologer and philosopher Hypatia, played by Lise Kudrow.

She then reveals that everybody in the Good Place is a happy zombie. Furthermore, without an end in sight to the existence, people will not appreciate the various things The Good Place offers.

Also, The Good Place committee tricks Michael played by Ted Danson into assuming control of the entire Good Place and so he creates a door that allows people to exit the Good Place and peacefully end their existence. After knowing that there is a potential end to eternity, the residents of The Good Place appreciate being there again. The gang then splits up to their homes. In the end, Chidi and Eleanor cuddle as they watch the sunset.

The Finale

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This episode was directed by Morgan Sackett and written by Megan Amram. Sure, it offered a lot of things except a happy ending probably because of two significant reasons.

Firstly, it’s a reminder that this soulful and hilarious show is ending next week. Secondly, fifty per cent of last week’s chapter was about Eleanor and Chidi’s routine relationship anxieties. Furthermore, so much of this season was wasted on the storylines about John, Brent, and Simone as it did not do any good to the story. 

Having said that, if every episode of The Good Place is as untamed as Patty, it will get a little too tiring. The finale of season 4 is all set to go on air on the 30th of January, titled as Whenever you’re ready.