Stranger Things Season 4: Is Hopper Alive? Air Date, Spoilers And Plot Expectations

Stranger Things is back with yet another season. Netflix’s top-grossing show Stranger Things got revived for the fourth season. The show was renewed for the next season just three months after the debut of the third season.

Season 3 ended with a big banger and a major cliffhanger. Well, there are so many loose ending to connect in the season, and god forbid if it will be the last season.

Release Date

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So far, there is no official news about the season 4 release date, but a lot of fan theories have come forward. With one being the popular one is that Jim Hopper is still alive. The Jim Hopper fan theory is so crazy that you might want to take a minute before you get into it.

Is Hopper Still Alive?

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Source: The Mary Sue

Well, it all started during the premiere of season 3. A savvy fan noticed something quite fishy about David Harper’s Instagram. His main profile photo on Instagram was changing every week with a particular number on it.

The fan collected the number and called it, as it was a phone number. When called, it straight up went on a voicemail. The voice recording was of Murray Bauman having a special message for Joyce. Well, the news wasn’t conveyed, but for sure, it’ll be something related to Hopper.

If we look back at his sacrifice, we didn’t see his dead body. And that, there is a chance of him getting sucked into the world of upside down.

In the closing scene, we saw something unexpected. Russians have successfully opened a portal in Russia, and the long-gone Demogorgans are back.

The main question that remains is, Who is ‘The American’ in the Russian jail? What is he doing there? It could be Hopper or a new character.

Speaking of Hopper, Eleven has lost all her powers, and she’s probably a human detector too. A Mind Flyer bit her in season 3. But from the short teaser for Stranger Things, it’s evident that the new season will not be happening in Hawkins.

Sources have reported that there are four new entries in season 4: all-male cast, three late teens, and one Adult. The three teens are described as a “metalhead,” a “jock” and a “stoner.” One adult is most probably ‘The American’ captivated in the Russian jail.