[Spoilers] Netflix V Wars Season 2 Expected Release Date, Cast, Plot, Fan Theories And What To Expect In The Coming Season?

V-Wars is an American Sci-Fi horror series. It is a Netflix original series based on the graphic novel by Jonathan Macberry.

The creative writers William Laurin and Glenn Davis are also the producers of the series.

Do We Expect A Second Season?

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The show has a strong and exceptional storyline, an excellent cast that makes it a hundred percent possible for its revival.

V-Wars gained popularity in no time. Thanks to Ian Somerhalder, as Dr. Luther Swann being the most popular character of V-Wars, won people’s hearts.

The earliest expecting release can be in August 2021.


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The revival can see Ian Somerhalder returning as Dr. Luther Swann.

Adrian Holmes, who played a powerful vampire representative and best friend, Michael Fayne, would surely return.


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The series portrays a vampire-human war that is turning humans into vampires. There are two opposing forces with two best friends against each other.

Dr. Luther is continuously trying to find a cure. Michael finally gets a purpose in life, and he wants to become the strongest vampire.

Season two could possibly result in the destruction of an uneasy harmony between humans and vampires.