Sex Education Season 2 Opens With A Bang! Moordale High School Is Having A Chlamydia Break Out

Doors to Moordale high school has opened, but with new issues. If you thought season 1 covered most of the societal sexual matters, then you are wrong. Season 2 has a lot of its plate for you.

When Sex Education initially got released, it gained overnight success. The show was quite open with its content discussing common misconception regarding Sex. We all had the birds and bees conversation with our parents or teacher’s, but that was just the basics we got.

Season 1 Plot 

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Season 1 covered a wide range of topics like teen abortion, same-sex relationship, slut-shaming and protection. The clinic got shut off at the beginning of season 2 but was later reopened by Otis and Maeve. But there was one problem, Otis mom was taking up all their clients.

Otis’s mom was hired (not really) by the college to educate students more about safe sex. But she ended up giving free sex advice to the students, including the principal’s wife. Of course, the clinic was running out of business.

Season 2 Plot

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The whole school was having an outbreak Chlamydia. The school turned into a panic zone with kids assuming that Chlamydia also spreads through non-sexual contact. Sex advisor Otis was trying to prove his point by saying its mass hysteria.

A shocking thing which came out was that Ola is pansexual, something which hasn’t been discussed so far in the show. Sex Education is widening its LGBTQ+ range which is an excellent representation of normalising sexual orientation.

On the other hand, Adam’s is back from military school. He finally comes out as bisexual, which was pretty evident from the season 1 detention scene. Season 2 turned out to be a love-sick triangle for Eric. Sneaking out at night with Adam, and spending his day time with Rahim. Bet he was in a dilemma.

Maeve finally confessed her feelings towards Otis, which made him flip out on her. He ended up getting dumped by Ola who discovered her attitudes towards Lily.

Season 2 was a wild roller coaster where feminism was discussed, along with sexual harassment. It was quite an educational season. If you haven’t watched it yet, then what are you waiting for? Binge season 2 of Sex Education.