Senna Is The Next League Of Legends Champion As It Was Confirmed In The New Teaser

Eventually, we’ll see the next tiny League of Legends champions and Riot has created a narrowly more significant group after a lot of leaks, and some slight teases with some strong hints that the next original personality is Senna.

The teaser comes just before next week’s scheduled roadmap of the league, which is set out to announce three new League champions correctly.

In the mythology of the League of Legends, Senna was Lucian’s wife until Thresh captured her soul and imprisoned her in his lamp.

The new teaser trailer called Dark Passage shows Lucian chase Thresh in the Shadow Islands, as well as a brief flashback video of the spirit of Senna.

It happens amid various reports and leaks about the League debut of Senna, as reported by the Rift Herald.

Source: Blog Of Legends

Lucian bought a new piece of love, that is the kind of thing that usually comes before the debut of a new champion.

Newly re-shared–then canceled–the Facebook page of the League a mem about Lucian and Senna.

Then Senna’s name jerked in a PBE update of the game. We will surely know this new roadmap on Wednesday, October 16th.

More information about upcoming Volibear and Fiddlesticks reworks should also be included in the article.

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Overall, we have very little data and more doubts than responses.