What is Piso Wifi Vendo ? Everything You Need To Know

Who wouldn’t want access to the internet in this modern era? When it comes to using amazing WIFI solutions, PISO wifi vendo sticks out from the crowd. This is due to the exceptional Wi-Fi service it provides to its customers.

What is WiFi PISO Vendo?

WIFI PISO Vendo is a fantastic WIFI service that is available to customers in the Philippines. When you delve further, you’ll learn that this WIFI service works in the same way that a WIFI vending machine does. It is basically a coupon-type system that allows anyone who wants to use the internet for anything they want.

Features of Piso WiFi Vendo:

The PISO WiFi Vendor Machine features are as follows:

  • Volts: 12
  • Control Your Admin Panel.
  • Datetime Modification
  • It could restrict infected sites such as obscenity.
  • Simply plug ‘n’ play
  • Coins of 1, 5, and 10 pesos can be used.
  • Each user will have equal bandwidth efficiency. PISO WiFi Portal

The standard port IP of a router is, But, the user should not have to be concerned about it. Visitors simply need to complete the steps outlined here.

PISO Wireless Registration

  1. Simply complete the steps below to utilize Piso Wifi.
  1. Find your closest vending machine, then look at its WiFi SSID.
  1. Login to the AdoPisoWifi network.
  1. Insert the network name key “adopisowifi”.
  1. When joined, the login screen will appear.
  1. If prompted, put a coin into the machine.
  1. The system will automatically recognize the penny and verify the smartphone.

How to get the PISO WIFI password?

The importance of PISO WIFI to telecom businesses cannot be overstated. The reason for saying it may be concluded in just a single word: huge revenue. Yes. The revenue generated by Piso WIFI is crucial for telecom firms.

Because many people do not have enough money to purchase an internet package, they can utilize PISO WiFi by simply connecting to the internet and paying in real-time. As a result, PISO WIFI is unquestionably the superior solution.

PISO WIFI: A Brief History

  • For one PISO, a computer rental with an internet connection was given.
  • PISO WiFi has taken the place of PISONET. Despite the fact that it has been in use since 2011, it is still very new.
  • PISO WiFi made its debut in 2017 and rapidly became popular.

How to Create your very own PISO WiFi Vendo:

It is really simple to build your own automated PISO WIFI Vendor machine. Once developed, the machine can be kept in various public venues such as malls, terminals, and so on. There are many people out there who are ready to find such a service, so you can also expect a large revenue.

Hardware Supported by PISO WiFi Vendor Machines

If you have a very limited budget, you could consider the NeWiFi 3 D-2, which has the least amount of functionality. If you’ve got enough cash, you could set up a host on which you can run Ubuntu or relish the hardware. Additionally, one may construct one’s own Vendo Machine by following very simple procedures.


Adopisoft originally ADO PisoWiFi, is a prominent system solution for Piso Wireless internet vending machines. Such technology could be utilized by any program anywhere in the world. It is simple to set up and operate.

Since you’re not a technically savvy individual, you can still configure the system with a few mouse clicks. Using a remote toolset, you may easily configure the system. ADOPISOFT allows us to effortlessly monitor traffic and administer users.

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