Official Release Date Of Disney’s Mulan Remake Know Who Is In The Cast?

We can’t keep our feet on the ground. Because of the much-awaited live-action of the Disney Princess, Mulan is here to hit the screen. The 1998 Disney animation which won hearts all over the world.

Release Date 

In March 2020, the live-action will hit the screen in the UK. Whereas the actual date of release was set in November 2018.

Trailer is here

Yes, the trailer is here. The trailer released on 8th July. Where the Disney Princess was seen in her warrior form with a sword.

The cast of Mulan

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Someone with good martial arts training with Mulan’s features was in need of the role of Mulan. Chinese actress Liu Yifei is our live-action Mulan. She is well-spoken in English and trained in martial arts. Donnie Yen will play Mulan’s mentor. Yoson An portrays Mulan’s love interest, Xana Tang will play Mulan’s sister.

Mushu in Mulan live-action?

The very anticipated question is that, is mushy is there in the live-action? But as per now, it’s assumed that there is no Mushu. Kevin Hart was supposed to play Mushu.

Why there is no Li Shang

Sad but true, no Li Shang is there in the live-action of Mulan. It caused controversy in 2017 for no show of Shang.

Mulan’s story

Story of a Chinese woman who becomes a warrior. She disguises herself as a man to wield the sword and fight the battle. But to stop her, her ancestors send a small dragon, Mushu.  But it the end, Mushu decides to help Mulan with her plan. The story of a fearless woman to fight the world who shows herself as a man for a battle.

Music in the Movie

As for now, no songs are out yet for the movie. But still, the right music and theme songs are in search.