Major Reveals From The Set Of “Underwater”. How It’s Made To A Monster Filled Sequel, Details Inside

Underwater is a science fiction movie based on the unknown creatures who escaped after an earthquake struck them. A group of scientists get stuck with the creatures after the devastation caused when the industry drilled seven miles to the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

Kristen Stewart plays Norah Price, who is a mechanical engineer in the movie. Price brings her teammates to safety but stays back when she realises there weren’t enough pods to carry everyone. As her teammates flow through the water to the safety of the surface, she understands that she will eventually die as the giant creature starts attacking the Roebuck. Thus, she increases the energy levels of the main engine, which is shown to kill the creatures.

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It might be clear by the end of the movie that Norah Price sacrifices herself for her teammates, yet the camera angles seem to point to the chance of another sequel. Also, the ending scene of the movie is a clear indication of it.

Just at the end of the movie, we see newspaper clippings revealing the extent to which the Tian industry goes to hide all that went in the laboratory underwater, also silencing the survivors. It also shows that the industry will again restart their drilling. This presents a high chance of a sequel full of underwater creatures which might have still escaped the blast.

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The drilling led to the awakening of the beast in the movie and if the industry restarts drilling further who knows what might be for them waiting at the other end. We can well expect more such creatures or creatures far more perilous than these waiting to be awakened.

There is a fair chance of a sequel to the movie, and many spots have been left blank for the sequel if it were to happen to answer. However, what we can well expect is a movie full of sea monsters.