Major Reveals From The Set Of Attack On Titan, Interesting Key Characters Of Manga From Season 3, Here You Need To Know

Attack on titan’s got its huge fan following after the third season of the anime. After the intensified chapters of three seasons, the lead, Eran Jeager, succeeds, at last, being able to enter the basement under his own family’s residence. This was after the region got rid of man-eating Titans. Its time to utilize the key left by his dad. He finds his father, a shattering secret. He was from a site beyond the borders which held Eren’s motherland a remote island for a hundred. 

That community was the domain of Marley that as same as a lot of different states entertain an indelible hatred against Grisha and Eren’s kind, the Eldians, for their ancestors’ antecedent Imperial rule over the planet.

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Eldians are also recognized as the Captions of Ymir, a girl who, 2,000 years ago, performed some treaty with a mighty power that’s above all us awarding her the skill of a Titan. She grew the Founding Titan, with her power propagated through her bloodline after her unfortunate demise.

So it is evident, Marley is responsible for the vast Titans that have been charging the so-called island of Paradis, the roof of Eren. the family who had the title of founding titans has ordered the titans to surround and clear the citizens inside. The person responsible for this is King Fritz.  And Grisha was opposing him with the Eldian Restoration Movement indoors Marley.

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However, he cannot withstand the titans and escapes to Paradise Island. Here he takes away the power of the Titan’s from the noble people and hands it to Eren as a kid. Before he was seized out of Marley, Zeke, his son betrays his own family to the police of Marleyan, and come out to enjoy the Beast Titan power. 

Anime lovers, hold your patience till season 4 is out to throw away the titans.