Lost In Space Season 2 Coming To Netflix, Release Date, Cast [SPOILERS] And Everything You Should Know

Here is good news for the fans of Lost in Space. Yes! the classic series streaming in Netflix is back again with its Season 2. This show is based on the 1965 series, which features the Robinsons family. The family is a space colonist who are selected for an interstellar mission.

Hope this Christmas is going to be so amazing. Because the second season is going to release on 24th December, so block your dates for an awesome experience.

The storyline
Robinson’s family consists of five members. He, his wife and his three children. John Robinson and his wife Maureen, along with their children Judy, Penny, and Will, are set on a space mission. An alien robot breaches its spacecraft. Hence they are pushed to a wormhole. The youngest son Will Robinson would befriend a robot. He would have helped him by repairing him to function properly.

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Danger, Will Robinson
The first season would have ended, creating an inquisitiveness amongst the audience.  Mr. Robinson would have successfully arrested the Psychopath and Criminal- June Harris. He would have taken the identity of Dr. Smith and would try to abort the mission of the family. This would make the spacecraft to fall into an unknown Galaxy. Will Robinson would recognize this with the help of the robot whim he would have helped. The Robot had once drawn a shape in which he also would have warned will stating, “Danger, Will Robinson.”

Gear up for season 2 of the series and never forget to watch on Netflix. Watch the trailer of Season 2 to find Will Robinson hunting for his Robot friend.


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