Logan Paul Want To Fight WWE Champion CM Punk In Dillion Danis Boxing Match

Logan Paul claimed that he DESTROY CM punk as he is targeting a fight after his Slit decision defeat to KSI. Eddie Hearn was claiming that KSI VS LOGAN was the highest-selling UK paper view of the year.See the source image

After fighting into a majority draw in amateur level boxing during summer, after the fight, the pair got booked for a professional boxing rematch. As per reveals, KSI won the match this weekend on DAZN by split decision.

Through judge’s decision, it has been said that Paul lost the match because two points deducted him, Two marks got deducted because of the referee who deducted points because of the illegal shots spotted by him during the content he might have won the material if he didn’t perform that illegal shot and not get deducted by two points.

By interviewing both fighters.

After the fight between KSI and Paul, KSI and Paul were interviewed inside the rings by the interviewers, and the interviewers asked them about whether they would like to have a trilogy fight. Paul replied to the interviewers that he would love to have a trilogy fight between him and KSI. But KSI denied and responded to them that he is not looking for a third fight, Instead of a third fight then and there KSI suggested Paul should fight CM Punk in MMA.See the source image

CM Punk fought has already fought twice in MMA which is with both of his Fights which comes in UFC’s Octagon. CM Punk is still on the UFC roster and still is getting drug Tested by USADA, but he hadn’t fought from UFC in June 2018. Here it has been cleared that Paul has no professional MMA experience.


There’s no doubt a CM Punk VS Paul Fight will potentially do big numbers for all of the MMA promotions.


Word by Logan Paul:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o9H_WK1tiws