[Latest] Godzilla vs Kong Official Release Date, Cast, Plot, Who will Be Defeated, Read Full Story Here

After the movies Godzilla: King of Monsters and Kong: Skull Island, it is now time for “Godzilla vs Kong” which is the sequel to the previously mentioned movies. As the monsters clash against each other, audiences are all revved up for the heated battle between the cinemas’ most renowned monster characters.

Release Date

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This upcoming film was initially set to release on 29th May, 2020 but then the studio preponed it a week to May 22 so that the film could take advantage of the weekend. Unfortunately, it clashed with the released date of Fast and Furious 9 and hence Warner Bros. yet again changed it to March 13, 2020. Yet again, the studio change the date to November 20, 2020. It seems the release date is yet to be confirmed and can be changed however until then it is safe to say that the movie will grace the theaters on 20th November.

Cast Members

With the release date for the movie coming closer, some of the cast from the King of Monsters is confirmed to be returning for this movie. Millie Bobby Brown will star as Madison Russell, Kyle Chandler as Mark Russell (as her father), Zhang Ziyi as twin scientists Dr. Ling Chen and Dr. Ilene Chen. There has also been sources implying to the addition of plenty of new casts such as but nothing has been confirmed officially.

Movie Timeline

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The movie continues after Kong: Skull Island, the initial movie in the MonsterVerse till now. At the end of the movie “King of the monsters” we see some of the Titans moving to Skull Island and ancient drawings show that Godzilla and Kong have faced before.


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The movie “Godzilla vs Kong” show that as humans fight for their existence in the midst of these perilous creatures, they find themselves in the middle of the battle of the Godzilla and Kong.  While who would win the fight is still the most anticipated questions, this film could turn out to be entirely different and might render the humans evil in this MonsterVerse.

Both of these powerful creatures will engross in an awe inspiring battle and it will worth the time watching who will win this fight. Support your favorite monster and see for yourself who wins the race at the end on 20th November, 2020.