Joaquin Phoenix Says His Joker Version Is The Better Than Heath Ledger’s Joker

The movie joker directed by Todd Phillips got a lot of love from the fans and critics recently, specifically the performance by Joaquin phoenix. The audience admired his acting and the dedication he put in the process to make it look smooth.See the source image


Joaquin Phoenix would be the second actor for playing Gotham city’s supervillain if he wins an Oscar this season. Heath ledger was the last person who won an academy award for his role joker in Christopher Nolan’s dark knight. A lot of people, including the critics, are comparing the performance of ledger and phoenix. 


What fans are saying 

A lot of fans are comparing the two actor’s performances. Though the two-story and their storytelling are different and also is done by different makers. “It’s not entirely fair to compare Heath Ledger and Joaquin Phoenix’s Jokers considering we got an entire movie to see the Arthur Fleck character, and not enough Heath’s Joker In TDK,” a fan tweeted. The two characters are different, so it is not justified to compare both together. 


The movie joker is a complicated yet exciting character who is a sin master and represents himself against the flow of society. The role played by Joaquin was a different aspect of the community, which set a benchmark for sure. The movie is about the character’s complex mental state and how it revolves around his career as a “joker.” This movie is an awareness of mental health and how necessary it is in today’s world, how crucial it is to talk to someone and to take proper medication. 


Who will be the DCEU’s new Joker?

Joaquin’s performance level set up a new benchmark for the character of a joker as it is highly appreciated all over the world; everyone is talking about these acting skills and how seamless that performance was. He also worked very hard on that physique, and he lost a lot of pounds to get those ribs, and to look puberty hit him firm (chuckles). Jokes apart, it is noticeable how the actor put all his effort into making it an effortless performance.

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Now the question is, will there be anyone new in the role of a joker? The lead role in the suicide squad, Jared Leto, received a lot of negative comments from the fans where the actress was appreciated a lot in 2016. If joker makes an appearance in the dark knight, the makers will surely have a difficult time to choose between phoenix and Leto.