Joaquin Phoenix Joker Again Rolls Up With Its Awards Listing By Winning Many More In Critics Choice Awards At Sunday, Details Inside?

After having a successful week on the theatres winning hearts of many, it was time for the movie “Joker” to win all the awards that awaited. After Heath Ledger, Phoenix seems to be the only one receiving such appraisals for his role as the Joker. In the past, Oscar winner Ledger had raised the bars for anyone who would be cast as the Joker after him.

Joaquin Phoenix’s Success

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However, Phoenix’s acting in the movie was phenomenal and demanded attention. The hard work that he put in for his role was fruitful. The audience received the movie with positive energy and he was utterly praised for his acting.

Along with all these, Joaquin Phoenix is also being showered with awards. Only a week after winning the Golden Globe Award for best actor, he bagged another award for himself. This Sunday’s Critics Choice Awards was also added to his list after winning it in the category of best actor.

This year has been so far the best for the actor. In the 25th Critics Choice Award, he was the one who received the award amongst his competitors. The other actors nominated for the award include Robert DeNiro for the Irishman, Leonardo DiCaprio for Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, Adam Driver for Marriage Story, Eddie Murphy for Dolemite Is My Name, Adam Sandler for Uncut Gems and Antonia Banderas for Pain and Glory.

The movie was nominated in seven categories for Critics Choice Awards of which it bagged the awards for Best Actor and Best Score won by the composer Hildur Gudnadottir. The movie received its share of appreciation and awards and turned out to be more than what was actually.

Will He Be Nominated For Oscars

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But what actually excites the fan-base is that the movie actor Joaquin Phoenix has quite the chances of being nominated for the Oscars with only a few days left for the Academy Awards. And after winning all the awards in Golden Globes and Critics Choice, the probability has only gone up. However, we need to wait for the award ceremony to see if what fans are expecting actually happens.