Joaquin Phoenix From Joker Himself Revealed What He Thinks About Movie Ending?

The questions regarding the ending of the Joker have haunted us. But we have our answers, or do we?

Joaquin Phoenix sat down with Los Angeles Occasions and was asked what he thought about the ending.

A refresher, the movie ends with Arthur Fleck in a psychological establishment after murdering Murray Franklin, a late-night Tv host. The question though is whether or not did Joker/Fleck actually kill him? Was it a plot twist that the events never took place and was telling his psychiatrist a dark tale?See the source image

We were close to getting an answer, but Phoenix took a different route, which was to keep us guessing.  He was admitting the fact that he wants Fleck to be the Joker. But he also said that he is not aware of the real truth.

They want to keep hearing the opinions of the audience, maybe perhaps to use the best theory in the next movie?  We can never actually know what they are planning. But we do know that there is still no answer to everyone’s questions regarding the ending. Will we ever?

The various theories of the fans have caught the attention of people involved in making the movie. And they know they are expected to answer. But they are going the traditional route. They wish to not spoil the ending by revealing what the truth is in case the fans see it as disappointing. The producers as well ad Phoenix also view the character as going in multiple directions in the future as there is so much complexity and so many layers to Arthur Fleck (or the Joker?). They wish to still keep its mystery.

But how will they keep it hidden? We do not know but if we do, then you will too. Hopefully soon though.