Its Disgusting! A Woman Brutally Chopped Her 9 Months Old Baby To Death Whose One Son Was Already Starved To Death 3 Years Ago

Humanity around the world is taking its last breath, I guess. Well, if you are confused there’s most shocking news took place recently which no one will believe. A mother choked her 9-month-old daughter on a child car seat buckle. This news has shooked the whole town, and it is quite hard to believe that a mother can be so cruel to her child.

Also, the woman had a history sheet earlier as back then she was arrested for starving her son to death. This took place in 2016, and the lady was sentenced for three years of jail. But later she was paroled, and the bay was taken away from her care. Well, it seems to be a psychotic disorder.

Following the death of the toddler, the mother has been arrested. She is 22-years old named Summer Rose Kazzee being charged with negligence homicide. The authorities received the information via a call about an unresponsive child at home in Hot Springs.

As soon as they got the news, the police authorities rushed to the location and witnessed paramedics and Hot Springs Fire Department personnel performing CPR to the child. The child victim was 9-month-old and also had a twin. The toddler was shifted to the hospital after unsuccessful CPR s she was pronounced dead at the hospital.

Insights into the Shocking Incident

According to the reports, the nine-month-old girl was placed at the child’s car seat on the floor after the baby denied to stay on the bed and take a nap along with her twin sibling. At 3 p.m., she took went inside the bedroom with the toddler, where she started to sleep, and the mother returned to the living room.

However, after 30 minutes, she didn’t hear a thing from the child, and when she went to see her, she discovered the seat’s top buckle in her throat. Currently, the mother is held at the Garland County Jail with a $ 5000 bond. The reports stated that the defendant might have an attorney.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for more updates.