How to Pause Piso Wifi Vendo, Enable Pause Wifi Option

Piso Wi-Fi is among the most popular Wi-Fi solutions in the Philippines. To use Wi-Fi, you must first purchase a subscription and then access it properly. For a variety of reasons, many people who require a web connection are unable to purchase the package they require. So Today we have brought a guide for you on how to pause time in piso wifi vendo using by enabling the pause option.

What is Pause Piso Wifi Vendo Feature?

When Piso Wifi users buy Time for Piso Wifi, they don’t want  to use all of their time at once. So there is a need to pause time. Now, the option is available after accessing admin settings.

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Here’s how Pause time in Piso Wifi Vendo using

Note: You have to enable the Pause wifi time option first to get the pause time feature. Follow the 8 steps below to Pause Piso Wifi Vendo.

1. Go to your browser and type into the address bar   | Note: Don’t type 10.0 0.1 in the address bar, as it is wrong and nothing exists as such.

2. Enter your login credentials.

10.0 0.1 Piso Wifi Vendo Pause

3. After successfully logging in, the dashboard will appear on the screen.

4. Option for general settings would appear after clicking on the top left corner.

5. Click on pause time/ auto-pause time to pause on boot.

10.0 0.1 piso wifi portal pause

Here you get the option of enabling and disabling

6. Enable this option.

7. Close Browser. and go to again.

8. This time you will notice there is a pause wifi time option

10.0 0.1 piso wifi portal pause
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What we have done is just manually enter the login portal and first enable the pause time settings. and after on boot, we got the pause wifi option.

What is  Piso Pause wifi time using Admin Portal?

The Piso Wireless Platform, or IP, represents the router’s main entrance. Whenever statistics are presented to all of us, people are often confused. However, you do not need to be concerned if you are experiencing technical difficulties.

You won’t get very far without knowing the uses of the Piso Wifi network gateway. So, when you’re leaving all your troubles behind, below are a few things to consider.

  • Users would be free to control their wifi access by visiting a certain website via the code.
  • You’ll be able to choose whether or not to permit connections, how much internet you wish to consume, and how much money you would like to spend. But now you’re curious about exactly how you might pause wifi time on it.
  • And here is the way you can make it work for you.
  • You may quickly pause wifi or resume your wifi access by simply visiting the url. But unless you don’t want your cash to go through the trash, the alternative of halting the Internet connection can indeed be useful.


So that was all there was to it when it came to pausing your internet WIFI on the Piso WIFI. It allows you to interrupt your internet connection whenever you wish. The PISO WIFI technology is truly unique and unusual, and not every country has implemented it yet. If your country has this system, you should take advantage of it and enjoy it.

That’s all from our side. Thank you for reading our guide. We are always open to feedback and improvement. For any feedback kindly comment in the comment section. Join our youtube channel for more updates