How To Adjust WiFi Rates On LPB Piso WiFi

Hey everyone, Do you want to change your WiFi rates on Piso WiFi? In this guide today we will be discussing how you can adjust the WiFi rates on your Piso WiFi for your clients.

The process is very easy so just follow the below-mentioned steps.


We can adjust the WiFi Rates, Validity Time (Expiration Time), and more. Now follow the steps

  1. Open Chrome

    or any other browser in any device of your choice (Mobile/Tablet/PC ).Browser Options Alternate

  2. Click on the address bar

    type or click the blue login button below.
    piso wifi login portal address

  3. Login

    Enter login details. If you don't know the login details kindly refer from here.
    Piso wifi sign in portal using

  4. Now press the menu button

    once you press the menu button you will get many options.
    Screenshot 485

  5. Find the Time Rates Option.

    Once you find the Time rate option, click it
    Screenshot 486

  6. You will be taken to Time rates dashboard

    Here you can adjust the rates accordingly. You can see there are 4 default option of 1/ 5/ 10/ 20 Pesos. We can change them according to our need.
    Screenshot 490

  7. To Change/ Edit any rate just click on the + option

    Screenshot 490 1
    Once you press the + Button it will show you 3 new options

  8. Click on the … option in front of “Actions” option. It will expand and show 2 new options – “Edit”and “Delete”

    Screenshot 491
    Click on the edit option to edit the rate.

  9. You can see 4 new options available to edit

    Screenshot 489
    Now you can change any option of your choice

  • Mobile/Tablet/Laptop
  • Internet Connection (Make sure you are connected to Piso WiFi Internet)

From the steps explained above, I think now you will be able to change the rates easily.


  1. How many times can I change the WiFi Rate?

    You can change the WiFi rates as many times as you want. There is no limit.

  2. Will the WiFi rate change on Piso WiFi be permanent?

    Yes, the changes will be permanent. But you can always change them again anytime you want.

  3. Can the clients change the WiFi rates?

    No, the clients will only be able to change the WiFi rates if they have access to the admin login. It is advised to change the default password.

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