Here’s Why You Should Invest In A Piso Wifi [2024]

Piso wifi has been gaining fame in the Philippines at a rapid rate. It has been in the country for several years but the need of a proper vending wifi service has never seen such demand. Here are top 10 features of Piso Wifi that makes it a interesting buy.

Top 10 Features of Piso Wifi

  • No Username and Password: No username and password makes it a hasle free solution for the piso wifi users. Usernames and passwords have a history of being lost or forgotten at crucial times.
  • Easy Management Systems: Developers have given the owners of the vendo machine a great managementsystem where they have great features available to them. They can track number of users, total sales, Device Settings, Top-up Voucher value setting, Profit Record/Statistics, Device Alarm setting, Device Status, and many more.
  • Totally Coin Operated: One of the most loved feature of the piso wifi is that it is totally coin operated. You can access the piso wifi internet with Php 1/5/10 coins.
  • No Paper work: For using piso wifi vendo internet service no paperwork is done. All the internet service can be accessed using directly with currency coins.

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  • Custom Rates: Vendo owners can decide the rates accordingly to the clients need and demands. This feature gives a great control to the users and the owners over their need and use.
  • Anti-lag Gaming Feature: The piso wifi internet service vendo comes wth a anti lag feature for gamers. As the mobile gamers have been increasing drastically this feature proves to be a game changer.
  • Content filteration: Vendo owners have a feature available to them through which they can block adult websites and other spammy websites from this features. It helps the clients to surf the internet safely.
  • Summarize your payment history
  • Expandable wifi signal: you can increase the range of your wifi using this feature. we have also written a post for the same How to Setup TP Link EAP110 as Access Point for Piso WIfi Tagalog
  • Low requirements for setup: You only need power and internet to start the service once you have a assembled the vendo machine.

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