Gigi Hadid, Halsey, And Almost Everyone Supporting Taylor Swift For Battle For Her Music Do You?

Claims by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift claimed that her record Label owners banned her for singing a few of her old songs at American Music Awards this year. She also claimed that she is being forced fir announcing a Netflix documentary and they will not let her use her old music on it.

Now the 29 years old girl is trying to get right and freedom to performing her music she also said that

The founders of Huge Machine Label Group Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta has right over her first six albums, and they are not letting her perform for her music unless she agrees to their conditions. She also added and said that both founders banned her old songs from the Netflix documentary, which was about her life!!

And its shooting is going on for years!!!

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Social Media Controversy

So for telling her feelings to Scott Borchetta and Scooter Braun, she wrote an Open latter and posted it in social media on this Thursday which dated on November 14th in 2019, and asked the other artists who are working with Scott Borchetta and Scooter Braun and help her by convincing and have a sense talk with founders of the Label Group who are trying tyrannically control who just wants play her music, which is been wrote by herself.

So far Taylor’s friends “Gigi Handid, Haley, Tina she, Lily Allen, Katie Stevens, Rebecca Black, Demi Burnett, Jessie Paige and many many more stars” came forward and helped “Taylor swift” for getting the freedom of her voices and helped and supported through social media. The hashtag #IStandWithTaylor got on the trending list on Thursday.

Hasley on her Instagram story explained why she disagreed with business tactics (swift described it).

She stated that:

“Not only are we looking at an awful business move:

(Because one would be encouraged to allow Taylor to perform her songs seeing as it would be direct to the rediscovery of a catalogue they currently profit off of?) But this is mean.

“She added and said”, “This is a punishment for helping them to silence her from speaking about things”.

You can check out the videos below for more information:

A word from Gigi Hadid about Taylor Swift’s song Bad Blood:

Hasley Defending Taylor from Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta: