Fix Lag In Online Games on Piso Wifi Easily, Here’s How

Hey Gamers ! Facing Lagging issues while gaming online games on Piso Wifi? Don’t worry follow my 5 Tips given below to improve your gaming experience drastically.

Here are the 5 Technical steps to reduce lagging in online games on piso wifi:

  • Look for Good ISP: Having a good internet service provider is the most important step for achieving a better internet experience for clients. A slow ISP will ruin the client experience. You must be thinking whats the difference between a good ISP and a ad one? Well a good internt service provider connection will be faster and will have low latency. Latency plays a big role in user experience in online games. A latency of 60 ms is considered good for FPS gaming. But some good ISP provides latency as low as 5ms. The lower the better. For best Internet ISP in Philippines check out the article linked.
  • Invest in Quality Equipment:Investing In a quality Equipment is very important. The most important equipment in a piso wifi vending machine is the router. A good router can give you a good signal range. If you are looking to upgrade your equipment we recommend reading this article on best routers you can buy in philippines.
  • Proper bandwidth and client ratio: Bandwidth can make a huge difference. Not having Proper Bandwidth can result in bad experience for the users/ clients. Make sure the Bandwidth to client ratio is adequate. If a user is
  • Effective Bandwidth management: if you are facing lag issues make sure you have optimized your bandwidth management. Improper management will result in lagging while gaming or using any other internet related surface.
  • Be Knowledgeable at least the basics about this business technicalities: Having appropriate knowledge is important in running the Piso Wifi vendo business. if you don’t have technical knowledge you might find yourself stuck sometimes in problems.

Other Basic Things To take care of:

  • Close Background Websites and Programs: Closing background processes will definitely help in reducing lag. Background process consumers ram and network bandwidth will results in low resources for online games.

Thank you for reading our article. We will be adding more information so stay tuned with us.

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