Euphoria Season 2 On HBO: Release Date, Cast, And Exclusive Details

These days it is all about what youth wants and how will they match up with this world. The major change in youngness comes from teenagers. Sam Levinson created teen drama television series in America based on Israeli miniseries named Euphoria. To date, Euphoria came up with its one season yet with 8 episodes aired on HBO starting from June 16, 2019.

Happiness produced contention over his understanding of a secondary school world brimming with being physical, opiates and brutality in the wake of showing up on the screen in the US. Be that as it may, even though it shocked a few, it likewise turned into a moment achievement, which gave his investigation of subjects, for example, habit, physicality and misuses a spot to be crude, courageous and veritable.

Release Date

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Although HBO has affirmed a subsequent season, there is as of now no official discharge date declared. On the off chance that it follows a similar example as the primary season, it will air in June in the US. What’s more, the UK debut will follow in August.

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Zendaya returning has been quite a confusion as at the end of the season the fans had a feeling that he might have eaten and died. But the producer confirmed that he is very much alive. However, it is being debated that how will the character play this role next season.

Angus Cloud as a local drug dealer Fezco. Season 2 may have a few newcomers, yet nothing has declared today. Be that as it may, we would not anticipate that the gather should be a lot since there was a great deal in the narratives of the characters of the main season that were distinguished previously.


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In the last episode “And Salt the Earth Behind You” it is seen that Ethan excuses Kat and they leave together. Jules plays with Anna utilizing content during the formal and later confesses to Rue that she is infatuated with both her and Anna. Mourn goes up against Nate over the attack on Fezco’s, Cal’s sexual exercises, and Nate’s past fascination in Jules. She takes steps to uncover Cal’s adventures, and Nate insults her about Jules’ faithfulness. Spontaneously, she asks Jules to leave town with her, yet pulls out at last; Jules takes off alone. Melancholy, Rue has a flashback to the day her dad passed on. In this memory, she gets high after her dad’s demise, encountering clear mind flights.