Did Rihanna Kick Out Shaggy From Her Upcoming Music Album, Everything You Need To Know

Shaggy let go of the opportunity to be displayed on Rihanna’s ninth studio album. In an interview with the Daily Star, Shaggy spoke that he passed on the possibility to be featured on Rihanna’s new album as a result of he did not need to audition.

How Did He Miss The Opportunity

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“They approached me for Rihanna project, yeah,” he disclosed to the British newspaper, The Daily Star. While he might not be performing with Rihanna, the musician aforementioned he greets artists taking enthusiasm from the dancehall genre. Reps for Shaggy and Rihanna failed to straightaway answer people’s request for comment.

Last year Rihanna informed Vogue that her long-awaited album would undoubtedly be a “reggae-inspired or reggae-infused” chunk of performance. “It’s not going to be typical of what you recognise as popular music. However, you’re getting to feel the weather altogether of the tracks,” she shared.

Rihanna’s New Album

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In May, the Grammy winner accustomed to The New York Times T Style Magazine that she had been tiresome at work on a brand unique album, that she has been pertaining to as R9, however, that fans mustn’t expect a collaboration with Lady Gaga or Drake, conflicting to gossip. Rihanna trolled her fans concerning new music in December, sharing a teasing video of a white puppy uproariously headbanging to accommodate of Pain’s 1992 hit “Jump Around.”

The “Love on the Brain” performing artist additionally impertinently set up fans on in October once she expresses a photograph of herself smearing her forehead with a tissue wherever, behind her, a bunch of individuals smiled and delayed their phones to capture the star on their cameras.

In response to an acquaintance who asked, “Where is that the m.u.s.i.c???” on Instagram the previous month, She commented back, “I recognise do know sis. I’m doing music. At the same time doing lingerie, makeup, film, amongst a couple of alternative things that I fancy. Once the music is prepared, you won’t have to ask for it. However, it’s coming back. Simply not at this moment sis. I’m hype too, it can’t come soon enough for me.”

The album is Rihanna’s ninth and her first since 2016’s Anti.