About Us

10001pisowifi.com was founded in 2021, Bringing out the best practices and guides for your Piso Wifi Routers.

Our AIM is to

  1. Provide the best practices on how to use your wifi routers Efficiently.
  2. Let you know the best Tips and Tricks about your router
  3. How To Troubleshoot your router.
  4. How to choose which router is best for you.
  5. How to increase your Router’s Signal Strength

and much more.

What To Expect From Us?

When a user visits our website he/she should expect the best guides in the industry with every step explained in detail without any complicated steps or confusing language.

Who Can Use Our Website?

we write guides for the people who use their routers daily and want to do some tweaks to it. Like changing the username and password of the Router By going to Or anyone who is having a problem logging in to their routers.

Anyone around the globe can read our guides but they are predominantly read by people in the Philippines.

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