7 useful Windows apps for college students

The academic life of college students can be stressful. From rushing through classes to project assignments and exam preparation, there are plenty of reasons to worry. But in this age of technology, you need to take advantage of digitization to make your life easier.

With hundreds of educational apps and platforms online these days, studying has become a little easier. In addition to hard study, you also need to study very smartly. It’s not enough to cram all the textbooks you have; when equipped with the right tools, you can learn faster and get better grades.

Having said that, let’s take a look at some of the best Windows apps for students like you. With these apps, you can use technology to your advantage and get the most out of it. Let’s explore this more deeply:


Microsoft Office package

This office contains a set of programs that are great for every student. Within this package, you will find Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

The Word program is used for editing and creating notes. Being a student, it is no longer possible to take notes by hand. There are so many disadvantages to using paper, besides the heavy impact on our environment. That’s why an app like this is very suitable for you.

As a student, you will do a lot of video presentations. The PowerPoint program is the best when it comes to this. Using the app, you can easily create presentations that address the audience and get the job done. In doing so, you can make a complete slideshow of all the useful charts, information, and images you need.

Excel is great for creating spreadsheets and other similar procedures. This application is great for scientists working in the math and data science department to organize numbers, formulas, and other functions.

And with Outlook, you can keep track of every school task and assignment. There are so many appointments to remember, it can be easy to forget some. Using this app, college students can manage their classes. A great advantage of this app is that you can also send and receive emails.


This is one of the best PC writing apps that will completely change your life and save you a lot of time. With the help of this app, you will be able to complete projects faster and work even more productively.

Dragon is an app that allows you to speak into a microphone and the words will appear on your screen exactly as you said them. Now you don’t have to write the essay yourself; all you have to do is read the words and display them. But if you still have problems formulating your thoughts and being able to present them beautifully, you can always turn to an essay writer by EssayAssistant for a good grade.


Google Drive

This is another set of useful programs that college students will love. They have several programs, the most important of which is Google drive.

For years, students have been carrying important files and books in their backpacks, making them vulnerable to loss, breaking, and a variety of other activities. Thanks to the Google app, you can have up to 1TB of storage space now. This is where you can store all your important class notes and access them at any time.


While some people like to study alone, others learn better in groups. With this app, you can share study materials, create cards, and send them to each group member. What’s even better? The whole team is online, and that means you don’t have to deal with constant noise or regular distractions.

All you have to do is download the software, enter your email address, then you can start practicing quizzes and sharing your knowledge with friends. There is also a built-in cloud to store all your schoolwork.



This is another Windows app for those who write a lot. Whether it’s creative or academic writing; this is one of the best.

Probably every student has ever faced a lot of homework and lost patience, motivation to do it. It forces the students to quickly go through all of their essays to send them in on time. But where does that get you? Zero!

It is also clear that you may not have time to review essays for mistakes, so why not download Readily Readable. As the name implies, it makes the entire text readable. It does this by editing and organizing your paper and presenting you a table of readability at the end of the analysis.

In doing so, you’ll see all the other things you need to work on.

Cold Turkey

This is probably the most productive software for academics because it helps eliminate the cause of every distraction problem. There are so many students who want to learn, but they just can’t get rid of the distractions to do anything meaningful.

With all the social apps that are gaining popularity these days, you need something to help get rid of those distractions.

Using Cold Turkey, that’s possible. Once you set the time and select the sites you want to block, the software will block them until it’s up and running. During the blocking period, you will not be able to access that site or disable the software.

MyHomework Student Planner

When you have so many things to do, it’s easy to forget about assignments. Or sometimes you get confused about updates, forget about an important test or event. With this planner, you can keep track of all your tasks and exams in one place. You’ll never miss an assignment again.

All you have to do is download, open your account, and then enter all your deadlines and obligations. The software sends you constant reminders and notifications to keep you informed of everything you need to do.