Admin Login Guide [2024] is an IP address that is used many WiFi Routers including Cisco routers & Adtran routers to login admin console.

Here’s a step by step guide for you to login the admin console and change setting as per your wish.

Open you browser

you can use any browser and any device for this process.

Click on the address bar- Write and press enter

make sure you are not adding any space between numbers.

If the admin portal is opened, enter username and password

Default username and password for can be anyone among the one’s mentioned below.

username: Cisco
Password: Cisco

username: admin
Password: Password

Press Enter and That’s It!

You must have successfully logged in by now. If you are still facing any difficulty read our troubleshooting steps below.

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Can’t Access Admin Login? Here’s how to Troubleshoot

If you are having issues accessing the admin login portal then the Problems given below might be the problem

  • First step is to confirm: whether is the correct login IP of your router. if it is correct proceed to next steps otherwise first confirm the right IP of your router
  • The second step is to confirm your internet connection is working perfectly. There are sometimes internet connection problems from ISP. Which may be a possible factor for failed login attempts.
  • The third step is to Clear Browser Cache. Sometimes it causes problems. Go to settings>Privacy and security> Clear Browsing data> Clear Cache.
  • Make sure you are not doing any typo mistake like adding space between the numbers like 10.10 10.1
  • Another common error is the Address Typo error. Typo generally occurs 90% time. Here are the most common Typo errors.
    • You might be using “ “. This is the wrong way to enter an IP Address.
    • You might be using “O” instead of a Zero. IP Address only contains numerical digits, not Alphabetic digits.
    • Using “O” will result in an incorrect IP Address and you will not be able to access admin login
  • Someone might have changed the default settings of your router. If so, you can reset your wifi router by pressing the reset button.


This is all you need to know about how to login admin panel for IP. Hope you have liked our guide. Keep Reading at 10001pisowifi.com for more interesting and educational content related to modems and Wi-Fi Routers.