– Piso Wifi is used by Piso Wifi as the IP Address for PISO WIFI Admin Login Portal access. Learn how to Access the Piso Wifi Admin settings portal easily using the simple steps below. - direct  Login button

How To Access – Admin Piso Wifi Portal

Follow this quick guide to log in to – and find the Admin setting.

5 Mins

  1. Open Chrome

    best alternative browsers

    or any other browser on any device of your choice (Mobile/Tablet/PC ).

  2. Click on the address bar

    type or click the blue login button below.

  3. Once you press enter you will be taken to the next page named

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  4. Now, You need to just Enter the Username and Password.

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    If you are not sure about the username or password, just enter the default one given below under the default username/ password heading.

  5. Complete the Captcha challenge and you are good to go. - piso wifi login complete

    That’s it! Piso Wifi Default Admin Username -Password

  • Username: Admin
  • Password: 123456789

You can access Admin settings using the default login username & password. Accessing the router’s admin portal is very easy, just make sure you are connected to the router. vs Which is the correct IP for PISO WIFI? is not the correct IP address. In fact, no such IP address exists named –, neither for Piso wifi nor any other wifi company. is the correct IP Address. Someone people also write as 10001 ip address but the above one is the right form

Can’t Access Piso Wifi – Admin? Let’s Troubleshoot It!

If you are having issues accessing the Piso Wifi Portal then the Problems given below might be the problem

  • The first step is to confirm your internet connection is working perfectly. There are sometimes internet connection problems from ISP. Which may be a possible factor for failed login attempts.
  • The second step is to Clear Browser Cache. Sometimes it causes problems. Go to settings>Privacy and security> Clear Browsing data> Clear Cache.
  • Make sure you are not typing 10.0 0.1 , 10.0 0.0 instead of , 10.0 0.1 / 10.0 0.0 1 is not correct address.
  • Another common error is the Address Typo error. Typo generally occurs 90% time. Here are the most common Typo errors.
    • You might be using “www. “. This is the wrong way to enter an IP Address.
    • You might be using “O” instead of a Zero. IP Address only contains numerical digits, not Alphabetic digits.
    • Using “O” will result in an incorrect IP Address and you will not be able to access Piso Wifi Admin Login Portal.

How to Pause Wifi Vendo Piso wifi pause time option can be enabled by accessing admin settings. When you enable the pause wifi option you will be able to save your time. if you don’t pause your wifi, you will run out of your wifi minutes. Read our guide on how to enable the pause option in Piso Wifi – Pisowifi Admin Settings Tutorial – VIDEO

If you are still facing challenges in logging in or facing some other issues. I will suggest you watch the full video tutorial and also read the FAQ section.


How to log in & enable the Pause Wifi Option in lpb piso wifi?

Piso wifi pause time option can be enabled by accessing admin settings. Read our guide on how to enable the pause option in Piso Wifi.

How to Pause Time in – Piso wifi Vendo?

Piso wifi Can be paused easily. Kindly head over to our full guide on how to pause piso wifi.

How to Get Piso Wifi Vouchers?

You can get all the latest Piso wifi vouchers from all the vendors in the Philippines by visiting our voucher page. We try to update our vouchers regularly on a daily basis every hour. With our piso wifi vouchers, you will be able to get discounts from selected vendors.

To submit your piso wifi vouchers you can contact us using our contact page.


This is everything you need to know about your Piso Wifi router admin login procedure. We have given the complete information from logging in to troubleshooting. If you still facing any problems. You can mail us your doubts on our contact form and mail.

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